Donations and grants help CVAF provide an ever-growing number of veterans with much-needed services.  Sadly we are not able to help every veteran that applies for help at this time.  Donations of all kinds help us to widen the pool of resources we can provide and increase the number of people we can help directly.

Currently, eligibility for assistance from CVAF is based upon the following criteria:

  • Veteran (male or female) served on active duty in the US Military at any time.  (Service dates will be confirmed.)
  • Veteran is currently homeless, at-risk or low-income at the time of application.
  • Veteran is ready to seek employment, apply for disability/pension, or enroll in an educational training program.
  • Veteran’s medical and mental condition must be stable.
  • Veteran must be willing to work with a case manager and clinical staff to establish an individualized case plan.  Veteran must be willing to comply with program policy and procedures.
  • Veteran must be able to manage his/her own medication protocol.
  • Veteran must commit to alcohol and drug-free living.
  • Veterans accepted into housing programs agree to pay a program fee equaling 30% of his/her adjusted net income earned while enrolled in the program.

To evaluate eligibility, CVAF staff will assess a veteran over a period of seven days to determine program admission and appropriate referral(s).